Starting Saturday 20th November 2010!!
New Metal Warriors nights with DJ's Kyrian, Icy, Wozza and Bekham, flyer below (click for fullsize versions). Playing a variety of metal and rock music to bring you the best party in town on a monthly basis. Like all parties, we play what *you* want to hear.

Watch this space for news of the new Metal Warriors nights including DJ's Kyrian & Lucyfur from Subterranean Hellnoise, alongside DJ's Icy, Wozza and Bekham. Details soon!

Subterranean Hellnoise with DJ Kyrian is no more!

This may later also turn into a metal music portal website with lots of cool stuff, time and agreements dependent.

If you require a DJ for your metal/rock night, you can see my DJ profile here, and . Also, since I've done several before, I suppose I'm available for Wedding and Birthday parties as well.

Sincerely, DJ Kyrian